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Forest School


Outdoor learning is an important part of a child's development.  At Manor Oak Nursery children are lucky to have access to Forest School.  It is an opportunity for your child to experience nature and the outdoor environment in a safe, secure and hands on way. 
Forest School takes place in a designated area of the school grounds every Thursday.


There are many amazing benefits from forest school these include


  • Personal and social development
  • Close clear links to the EYFS
  • Increase in self belief and boosts self confidence
  • Hands on experiences which provide effective learning opportunities
  • Encourages resilience and self control 
  • Decision making and problem solving from an early age.
  • Fantastic opportunities to build collaboratives skills
  • Naturally learn to risk asses
  • Using children’s preferred learning styles, being active and learning through practical skills


The experiences are totally child led, although staff may provide added resources to stimulate and inspire them


At Forest School the children love to explore, go on adventures, make mud pies with their friends, jump in puddles, climb trees and build dens.

Forest School takes place in all weathers so children will require suitable clothing. On Forest School days, your child will need to have:
*A pair of wellies or suitable footwear.
*A pair of warm socks.
*Old trousers.
*An old long sleeved top
*A waterproof Jacket

*(If warm) A peaked cap or sunhat
*(If cold) Hat, gloves and scarf if necessary.

Please do NOT send in any clothes that you would not like your child to get dirty or spoilt, we encourage the children to be very hands on and this can include digging in mud, playing in snow and splashing in muddy puddles!!
We want them to have a fun learning experience!