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 Communication, Speech and Language


At Manor Oak we value the importance of Communication, Speech and Language. Children are given opportunities to develop these vital skills throughout their learning and play at all times. Without these essential skills, children will not reach their full potential.


Children need to be able to:

  • listen to and understand information they are given
  • Interact with others, play and socialise 
  • make sense of concepts and ideas they are learning
  • learn a whole range of new words and use them well
  • share their ideas with others and answer questions
  • use language to solve problems, ask for help or explanations
  • read, write and learn to spell


We work to ensure that all children are offered a wide range of play and activities to build the skills needed and we understand that different speech and language abilities will need different support to help them to be able to do all of the above.


Throughout observation, we are able to identify those children who may need extra help and support. We are lucky enough to have access to a Speech and Language Therapist who visits our main school. She is able to offer her specialist expertise and advice when needed.


Below are some helpful websites, publications and activities that you may find useful to help your child at home.



The Communication Trust provide information , ideas and resources for helping children's language development


I CAN offer advice for parents who feel their child may need help with their language development


Hungry little minds campaign provides lots of ideas that can help boost your child's learning