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Nursery life


At two years old your child will be getting more and more independent with their own mind and ideas.  At Manor Oak nursery we give them the freedom to explore, investigate and experiment within a safe and secure environment. Supporting the children with their new found (and still developing) language skills, imaginative play, co-ordination and physical skills, as well as toilet training and dressing skills. 


As your child becomes three the changes in them are immense.  In a fun and informal way, we nurture each individual child whilst developing their confidence and all round skills.


Children at Manor Oak nursery have access to a wide range of equipment and activities, as well as daily access to the outdoors to support and enhance all-round development. Giving the children clear boundaries to keep them safe allows them the freedom to grow independently.


At Manor Oak nursery we allow the children freedom of choice and independence, to ignite imagination and focus on all areas of development; learning through play. The children have access to a large assortment of different equipment and experiences to help them develop the skills they need for later in life.  As part of their learning children come into contact with everyday and natural items that they can experiment with and explore (Reggio Emilia approach)


Children learn so much from each other and it is imperative for them to become confident in groups with their peers. It is also important that they spend time outdoors.  This equips the older children with a vast understanding of empathy and spatial awareness as their play changes while they interact with each other.